If you’re looking for a great day out in Cork, then why not check out the Cork Museum – next to the old Capuchin Monastery and the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli. Located in the heart of Cork, just a short walk from downtown, this vibrant museum is the perfect place for individuals or families looking to learn about and explore Irish history without leaving their city.

The museum consists of two main exhibitions which offer visitors an insight into numerous aspects of Irish and European life over the past few centuries. The Smart Space Gallery focuses on local Cork history as well as its development as an industrial and commercial hub. Highlights include such objects as prints, photographs, artifacts and furniture.

The second gallery at Cork Museum is dedicated to natural history and European culture more generally. It explores issues such as art, literature and music throughout different ages and eras in a fascinating yet educational way. With interactive videos, touch-screen displays, audio-visual experiences and more, visitors can delve deep into the past to get a greater understanding of this vibrant historical space.

Of course, when you’re visiting Cork Museum it would be foolish not to explore some of the local sites it’s next to too. Both the majestic old Capuchin Monastery and the stunning Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli can easily be reached from here. Each one is a stunning example of local architecture representing both faith and meaningful moments in time so equal parts thought-provoking as they are inspiring.

So all in all if you’re looking for an interesting day out in Cork with plenty of learning, art and culture to enjoy then make sure to keep one eye on the Cork Museum. Don’t forget to spend some time exploring its neighbor’s sights too – no trip to this area would ever be complete without it!

Founded in 1825, the Cork Museum is a fascinating glimpse into Irish history, science and arts. Located in a charming old Capuchin Monastery adjacent to the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, the museum houses an impressive collection of artworks and artifacts that tell the story of Cork’s long and vibrant past. From archaeological finds to World War II memorabilia to one of the oldest collections of early medieval manuscripts in Europe, visitors to the Cork Museum will be entertained and educated with its extensive and diverse displays.

The most remarkable of all the treasures housed in this grand institution is the Lismore Castle Copybook. This beautifully illustrated volume dates back to the mid-17th century and features pages filled with drawings, designs, patterns and events recorded by the monks who lived at the monastery. It is an amazing window into both religious and secular life of 17th century Ireland.

Also on display at the Cork Museum are rare books, map collections and documents pertaining to topics ranging from religious history to local industry. There is also an impressive section devoted to natural history, specifically plant specimens native to Ireland which includes detailed botanical drawings. In addition to these fascinating artifacts are photographs taken from the 19th century through today documenting major events in Ireland’s history.

In addition to its permanent exhibitions, the Cork Museum regularly hosts educational workshops for children and adults as well as lectures about various aspects of Irish society, culture and heritage. Whether you are a history buff or simply want to learn more about this fascinating part of the world, a visit to the Cork Museum will surely be an enjoyable and enriching experience.